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Landscape Lighting Maintenance

When was the last time your Low Voltage Lighting System received a thorough performance check?

Keep your Landscape Lighting System working Properly and avoid Costly Repairs.

Protect your investment and keep your system looking as beautiful as your landscaping.
With our Landscape Lighting Maintenance Plan, you simply sign up and we contact you to let you know when we’ll be there. If your transformer is outside, you don’t have to be home or at the office. If your transformer is indoors, we will schedule our visit for a time you are available and it’s convenient for you.

And, of course, being a valued C & L Landscape Lighting customer and Maintenance Plan holder, you will be a top priority throughout the year if you should need anything serviced while we are in your area.

Here is what this $350 Summer Sizzler landscape Lighting System Maintenance Plan Includes

  • We come out TWO times per year to inspect and repair your Low Voltage Lighting System installed by C & L Landscape Lighting.
    • Look for damaged or exposed cables
    • Check fixtures for damage
    • Replace bulbs (on Retrofitted fixtures)
    • Clean Metal/Plastic Components
    • Clean Glass Lenses
    • Check & Adjust Fixture Positions
    • Check for efficient operation of Transformer(s)
    • We cut back plants and branches, if grown over fixtures
    • Remove debris from fixtures
  • Maximum 30 Light System.  For larger systems, another $25 will include up to another 30 Fixtures.  That’s $375 for 60 Fixtures!
  • Halogen lighting systems not eligible / call today for pricing
  • Have an unexpected lighting emergency?  We’ll include 1 Free Service Call in addition to the 2 included in this Maintenance Plan

Pinellas Landscape Lighting Maintenance Dates:
1st Maintenance:  November, December or January
2nd Maintenance:  May, June or July
Free Service Call:  We respond within 72 Hours

Landscape Lighting Maintenance Keeps Your Lights Looking New for Years

Sign up today for C & L Landscape Lighting’s Annual Maintenance Plan to ensure every light you’ve come to love and depend on continues to function perfectly and continues to highlight your property’s beauty.