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Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Often times, homeowners have landscape lighting installed or designed but neglect to have it maintained.

Like many investments in our property that we make, it requires some upkeep. All electrical systems need regular maintenance to ensure peak performance and your peace of mind.

If you find a landscape contractor that does not want to maintain their own installations, then you could end up with a real problem later on.  It is important to deal with contractors who believe in landscape lighting maintenance.

When you don’t regularly maintain your outdoor lighting system, you could wind up paying huge out-of-pocket fees to deal with problems such as…

  • Fixture corrosion from Florida’s heat and humidity.
  • Shifting light position and performance due to tree growth
  • Damaged bulbs, cut lines, or broken fixtures as a result of yard maintenance

At C & L Landscape Lighting,  we want to know what is going on, so we can keep on top of things and get your outdoor lighting system repaired, if needed, right away.

Remember, if there are any issues relating to the landscape lighting system, the first year is the time to catch any issues and deal with them quickly.  We maintain anything from large estates to small lighting projects.  Our aim is to have every outdoor lighting installation running correctly and without problems.

Lighting Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance agreements can save you hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of the system. Our maintenance programs include all light bulbs and general service. They also include reduced labor rates on troubleshooting, if any issues come up.

C & L Landscape Lighting offers quarterly and annual maintenance agreements.  Services provided are by 30 fixture package groups after we install your outdoor lights, these services include:

  • Labor
  • Clean all lenses and fixtures
  • Replace bulbs if needed. (prev. installed C&L Landscape Lighting LED bulbs N/C)
  • Check all sockets and lubricate if necessary
  • minor adjustments and shrub trimming for optimum fixture performance
  • Re-bury any exposed wire
  • Check timers and reset if necessary